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Title: 5 Gama
Author: Jason

5 Gama

Im back once again to torment your minds wif sarcastic,nasty and horrible opinions bout ya all.Its been a year already haa, time flew by so quickly. K then lets get started.

It was a hot afternoon, a very hot afternoon it was.I rushed upstairs a bit early that day dodging Sakinah and Hilayah to get to my class.Little did I notice that Mr.Yu had beat me to the race.He was sitting there with his 1.5 litre bottle and his toilet paper rolls all coiled up near him.He then blurted out firing words of wisdom and insults towards me. “ Kau ni tak tahu ke gariskan tajuk ,index pun tak tulis , apa kau buat ni”, said Mr.Yu.He then said to the empty class itulah masalah dia and I gave a good stare at him.Then I returned to my seat waiting there anxiously for the next victim to barge in.Then walked the class ceti Azri.Well lets gos about Azri , he’s the quit ,noisy , blur at times chap I guess.He’s one of those characters you just cant explain, nice guy though.By the way he’s also our class ceti.He’s still in a trauma , the fear of loosing the class fund.We had an incident in our class lah , sum1 took to the cookie from the cookie jar.Its still a mystery who took it .We had a couple of suspects well not a couple one actually but he managed to buy his innocence by a couple of sweet words.Oh come on , do you actually think he’s give a fuck about the school .That was the lamest speech I have ever heard.Moving on , Afiq walked in with his punk wannabe face.Afiq’s a guy who you never can understand , oh yeah he likes a girl named Sakeena .hehehehheh .Whatelse ahh he’s quiet , noisy at times and I dunnoooo.Moving on, Azhan walked in with his cool face .He’s a Librarian , he’s quiet to but he’s always in most of the pictures in big big events.Then walked in the 5 musketeers Dayang,Sarah,Junee,Cellene and Iklil screaming weeee.All three of them are cartoons and when I say cartoons I mean cartoons.Well Dayang’s quiet in the living world but she’s very noisy on the online world, Sarah on the other hand has both her fingers in stuck in two pies.Then comes Junee a.k.a Junee Arumugam , happy go lucky kind girl , and theres Cellene.Cellene is a great buddy she’s like the everybody’s fwen kinda girl.Then comes in Iklil uttering sumthing in Japanese.She does the usual scream now and then , but other than that shes kinda quiet I guess.Mr. Yu now was waiting outside the door with his dirty tissue all gued up wif his mucus .Just waiting for his next victim.Then walked our class couple Hatim and Rifaie ehh sowie I meant Rifaie and Mariam.Rifaie a.k.a Romeo for the flower birthday stunt he pulled and Mariam a.k.a Mariam known for being herself.Those two don’t know how to fight you know.You should see them when they fight .They just have to go for drama class ,Azri give them sum money wei.Then walked Gama’s David Beckham a.k.a Hatim.If he’s not in class he’s playing football against sum school .Hatim’s a nice dude I guess considered alim by all his fwens except Paie .Then walked in the 4 stooges Najah , Nana , NaDdy and Sakinah. All of them were going on wif theyre fake alienated dialects.Najah wif the donkey laugh , NadDy wif her ye lah tak , Sakinah with her fake English accent and Nana ahh don’t wanna go there , she’ll start bickering again .All of them make up 1 happy brady bunch I guess.Then followed closely the class clown G.They guy has an obsession for cheese and everything that’s not nice.G’s the live wire of the class I guess.Then Mr.Yu started to get angry wondering where the rest of the students and he went down to check.Then quietly M.I.C chairman and M.I.C wanita chairwomen Logesh and Laleetha walked in .Then as usual every1 started to tease them this and that.Closely followed was Laleetha’s brides mate Thurga.Lal’s a funny looking character , one things for sure she looks like Mr.Bean and Thurga leh she just the average meenachi I guess.Then aza , zahidah and wawa ran in being chased by Mr.Yu from behind.Those three are a funny bunch.Aza wif her nv ending smile ,zahidah with her nv ending line of mecen humor and wawa wif her nv ending …………….. ahh I ran out of words.Wawa ahh , she’s one of those occasional noisy girls I guess.Then Mr. Yu walked in and started to tell us about some skema thingamajig for rumusan , as he was about to start Vicky Chai and Kristyn wong the class leader walked in .Those two are so so so smart its as if they both have two brains incase any knowledge drops out of the first one then the second one can scoop em out.Well lets talk about Kristyn , she laughs at almost everything she see’s , and she dis and she dat .Then Dillon Lim walked in ,the class Chinese hunk (i was asked to ryte that k).Dillons a blue collar , head of audio and everything to do wif the technical thingy during assembly.He’s also Mr.Yu’s pet .Then alep walked in with his Chinese look on him followed by Iqmal close by .Both of them were nuggiing each other .Suddenly Mr.Yu spanked both of them on theyre asses .Ouuuuuuuuuuu we screamed.Then they both returned to theyre seats .Then the new girl walked in Aini’s her name and shes from kelantan .Quiet girl who does her work most of the time.Then walked in Harmpal Singh the once in a while guy.He comes when he wants to come and goes when he wants to go.Crazy dude lah .Whoelse ahhh , ahh yes then walked in Mr.Fida ehhh I meant Ms.Fida and she told mr.yu that its her period now.And mr.yu was like huhhhhh , aiyooooo he then rushed out wif all his things with Dillon following behind.Ms.Fida ahh , nice very nice teacher , one of the best teacher that a class can ever have .Got to give her a pat on the shoulder once in a while , maybe then she’ll stop having her period that often ,lol.

Well that’s all for this year, hope to c ya all sumtime , cherioz
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